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Dear Parent,
It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I have formulated various types of musical entertainment cum educational programs for children.

These programs are made to awaken & develop the musical talents in children in a most natural & fun way, suitable for a child's young mind.

I have composed these musical items & songs after taking a workshop course in Newyork in "Early childhood musical development teacher's training."

The following are the programs I give for children:

  • Musical activity workshops.
    Children play, sing along, dance & give action to the songs, while getting acquainted with tune, tempo, lyrics and melody.
  • 'Fit kid' Exercise classes.
    Children sing along , dance & exercise to the music of favourite kid songs.
  • Puppetshows for kiddie parties.
    Singing, dancing doll puppets entertain the kids. Ventriloquist doll talk & tell stories to kids.
  • Music masti show for kiddie parties.
    Musical games, dances & sing along songs for kids to take part with clowns & other muppets.
  • 'Kid sangeet'. Kid DJ songs for kids to dance & enjoy during marriage functions.
  • 'Kid masquerade'. Kids with funny costumes & masks sing , dance & have fun.
Web: http://titliudi.com
Email: shardajiji@gmail.com
Cell: 9930565569

Shardajiji's Puppet Theater

Doll puppets sing ,dance & ventriloquist doll talks to children,tell stories & entertain.

Call me in my cell number 9930565569 or send me email at shardajiji@gmail.com if you require any of these programs.

Happy kid music for your kids

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