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Ahha! Here comes the best answer to your musical queries!

Want to sing for fun? For functions? For parties? Want to karaoke or sing with musicians? Cannot get guidance or confidence?

No problem! Just contact me! You will get all the solutions for all your problems.

Music is like a vast ocean and if you want to get a few pearls of musical achievements you have to dive and dive, search and search and you may not even be sure you will get them. Don’t worry! I have dived and dived and searched and searched and have collected lots of pearls and woven them into a course, which you can order by mail.

All the valuable, wonderful guidance and lessons I got from great gurus like Pandit Jagannath Prasad, Pandit Laxman Prasad Jaipurwale and Smt. Nirmaladevi Aroon. (Govinda's mother) and also the practical exclusive training I got from Shanker Jaikishan plus small small but very useful tips I got from Shri Rajkapoor, Shri Mohammed Rafi, Shri Mukesh and other senior singers, added with long years of research and hard work have gone into this compact course, ready for you just to get up and start practicing.

This type of Mail order music courses are brought out for the first time in India. They are so enjoyable, effective and economical and are very easy to follow. Any time, any place at your convenience you can practice “Bindas”. Before you know you will be singing away through the seven skies. If you want classical raagas also, I will make the course for you.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to become a star singer! Who knows, may be we can produce a music album and video featuring yourself. Have a nice happy music learning journey.

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