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Mirza Galibs Ghazals in Sharda's voice
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Live shows are great! Especially if the songs are from the golden era of music. The inner selves of the singers and listeners unite in one enchanting blissful state, getting enriched all thro.

I give all sorts of programs. Be it a small show, where I perform with sequenced music track playing key board and harmonium, myself. Then comes mini show, in which I call a few musicians. These shows can be held in small stages or halls, cultural centres or bingo and other entertainment venues. Orchestra shows are for big auditoriums where I join with other singers and present my songs. I perform for all sorts of occasions, whether they be a religious or auspicious ones or for any celebrations.

Bhajan sandhyas or Gazal mehfils or Dandia or Punjabi you can name it and you can have it. For dancing shoes, I mix D.J music with live singing thrown in, in between. In my combo show you can have all varieties in one go. And you can be rest assured that it is going to be a unique, different from all the shows you have seen with pure performance of beautiful songs.

Want to call me in your city for a show?
Or call Shammi Rajan in India Tel. No. (91-22) 236 21322
Or call Myself in India Cell. No. 9122 2362 1322

See you soon down the melody lane.!

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